The Reach Of Resonance will be screening Friday, July 19th 2015 at Trafačka in Nitra, Slovakia, as part of their “Night Full of Music” festival, introduced by Július Fujak who appeared in the first version of the film playing his own hair with an amplified violin bow.

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Excerpts from “The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening at the International Museum and Library of Music in Bologna, Italy from May 27th through June 2nd, 2015.

Excerpts from “The Reach Of Resonance” are screening at the Alexander Ochs Gallerie in Berlin from May 7th – 22nd.  The exhibition will feature the World Premiere of The Data Violin Robot played live by data from Wall Street traders – accompanied by a String Quintet playing an intermittent arrangement of Pennies From Heaven.  The amazing Ben Patterson, who traveled to Slovakia to make marmalade out of violin cases in the original cut of “The Reach Of Resonance,” will be opening the exhibition (except for Yoko, he is the last Fluxus artist still going!).  Throughout the exhibition, Hans W. Koch will display his Leichte Muse, an apparatus for determining the relative weight of music(s). (It should be noted that the relative distances of music were determined by Dr. Johannes Rosenberg and his double piston, triple neck, wheeling violin of 1985.)  The exhibition will travel to the International Museum of Music in Bolgna, Italy later this month. This may be Jon Rose’s last exhibition of the Rosenbergs in Europe. More info:

Tonight deleted scenes from “The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening at a 19th century violin-maker’s shop in Prague, Violin Atelier Vávra, located at Lublaňská 65, Prague 2 ( Stay tuned over the next few months for more screenings in Europe, Taiwan, Australia, and New York.

Throughout 2015, excerpts from “The Reach Of Resonance” will be touring Italy, Berlin, Cologne, Budapest, Vienna, Brno, Tasmania, Prague, Gent, Taipei, and New York as part of exhibitions about the perverse legacy of the notorious Rosenbergs curated by Jon Rose. Stay tuned for more details. For more info on the Rosenbergs:

This Saturday, October 4th, director Steve Elkins will be giving a presentation on his film “The Reach Of Resonance” and his new forthcoming film (currently untitled) at the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. He’ll discuss his experiences in extreme and remote environments around the globe documenting the incredible lengths people travel to approach the unknown, to visualize (or make audible) the invisible, to cultivate our inner image of what the world is actually like, which we then carry with us into the world to inevitably change it. Hope to see you there.

On August 29th, “The Reach Of Resonance” will make its Russian premiere in the small Siberian city of Kansk, 4500 km from Moscow in an area full of “wonderful and brave Siberian people,” pelmeni, cedar nuts, and even buses reminiscent to the old school buses of a long lost Soviet Union, a place full magic. Kansk was found on the Internet by chance and selected because Kansk in Russian is pronounced the same as Cannes. It grew as a joke….Siberia having it’s own ‘Festival de Cannes,’ that now has an international jury. Director Steve Elkins will be introducing the film to the audience via Skype, and Secret Chiefs 3 will be performing (featuring Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More). More screenings in Russia will be announced soon.

394265_10151175932731385_411521830_nThis August, “The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening in Russia at the Kansk International Video Festival (Siberia). The program includes screenings and concerts, exhibitions and architecture installations, poetry slams and street art events. More info to come soon!


Congratulations to John Luther Adams, one of the four featured artists in “The Reach Of Resonance”, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for music yesterday, for his piece “Become Ocean.”  A sample of “Become Ocean” can be heard here:

Director Steve Elkins (left) and John Luther Adams (right) photographed in Alaska by David G. Marks in 2009, during production of "The Reach Of Resonance."

Director Steve Elkins (left) and John Luther Adams (right) photographed in Alaska by David G. Marks in 2009, during production of “The Reach Of Resonance.”



“The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening on June 5th, 2014 at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the Northwest Film Center and the Improvisation Summit of Portland, hosted by the Creative Music Guild.