Tonight deleted scenes from “The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening at a 19th century violin-maker’s shop in Prague, Violin Atelier Vávra, located at Lublaňská 65, Prague 2 ( Stay tuned over the next few months for more screenings in Europe, Taiwan, Australia, and New York.

Throughout 2015, excerpts from “The Reach Of Resonance” will be touring Italy, Berlin, Cologne, Budapest, Vienna, Brno, Tasmania, Prague, Gent, Taipei, and New York as part of exhibitions about the perverse legacy of the notorious Rosenbergs curated by Jon Rose. Stay tuned for more details. For more info on the Rosenbergs:

This Saturday, October 4th, director Steve Elkins will be giving a presentation on his film “The Reach Of Resonance” and his new forthcoming film (currently untitled) at the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. He’ll discuss his experiences in extreme and remote environments around the globe documenting the incredible lengths people travel to approach the unknown, to visualize (or make audible) the invisible, to cultivate our inner image of what the world is actually like, which we then carry with us into the world to inevitably change it. Hope to see you there.

On August 29th, “The Reach Of Resonance” will make its Russian premiere in the small Siberian city of Kansk, 4500 km from Moscow in an area full of “wonderful and brave Siberian people,” pelmeni, cedar nuts, and even buses reminiscent to the old school buses of a long lost Soviet Union, a place full magic. Kansk was found on the Internet by chance and selected because Kansk in Russian is pronounced the same as Cannes. It grew as a joke….Siberia having it’s own ‘Festival de Cannes,’ that now has an international jury. Director Steve Elkins will be introducing the film to the audience via Skype, and Secret Chiefs 3 will be performing (featuring Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More). More screenings in Russia will be announced soon.

394265_10151175932731385_411521830_nThis August, “The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening in Russia at the Kansk International Video Festival (Siberia). The program includes screenings and concerts, exhibitions and architecture installations, poetry slams and street art events. More info to come soon!


Congratulations to John Luther Adams, one of the four featured artists in “The Reach Of Resonance”, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for music yesterday, for his piece “Become Ocean.”  A sample of “Become Ocean” can be heard here:

Director Steve Elkins (left) and John Luther Adams (right) photographed in Alaska by David G. Marks in 2009, during production of "The Reach Of Resonance."

Director Steve Elkins (left) and John Luther Adams (right) photographed in Alaska by David G. Marks in 2009, during production of “The Reach Of Resonance.”



“The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening on June 5th, 2014 at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the Northwest Film Center and the Improvisation Summit of Portland, hosted by the Creative Music Guild.

“The Reach Of Resonance” will be screening at the San Francisco Center For New Music on Sunday, April 13th at 2pm, in a double bill with a film about Meredith Monk, Laurie Anderson, and Pauline Oliveros. The screening was curated by Peter Esmonde, whose documentary on the mad genius Trimpin (who builds giant musical instruments like the one pictured here) has been programmed alongside “The Reach Of Resonance” in various parts of the world. Over the next month, CNM will screen a number of amazing music documentaries exploring the work of Nels Cline, Frank Zappa, Tom Zé, David Byrne, Arto Lindsay, Ornette Coleman, Edgard Varèse, Pierre Boulez, and musicians from Nepal, Suriname, Indonesia, and Ghana.

Here’s the trailer for Peter’s “Trimpin” film:

Trimpin’s Guitar Tower:

And Trimpin working with our friends in Kronos Quartet!:

Our deepest thanks go out to Mike Magoski and everyone at The Violet Hour for a very memorable sold-out fundraiser screening and discussion of “The Reach Of Resonance” on February 21st, 2014.  Your support for our work over the years has been unparalleled.

Director Steve Elkins (left) and producer David G. Marks (right) discussing "The Reach Of Resonance" with the audience at The Violet Hour.

Director Steve Elkins (left) and producer David G. Marks (right) discussing “The Reach Of Resonance” with the audience at The Violet Hour.

Recordings of the Ntaria Aborigine Ladies Choir made by director Steve Elkins in the deserts of central Australia during production of “The Reach Of Resonance” are now part of the score to award-winning journalist John Pilger’s new film “Utopia,” which Noam Chomsky has called “a beacon of light in dark times.”  The film documents the conditions of life of the Western Arrente and other tribes we were privileged to spend time with and learn from in Australia.  Be on the lookout for it, as it’s currently touring around.


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