“The Reach Of Resonance” in Berlin!

May 8, 2015

Excerpts from “The Reach Of Resonance” are screening at the Alexander Ochs Gallerie in Berlin from May 7th – 22nd.  The exhibition will feature the World Premiere of The Data Violin Robot played live by data from Wall Street traders – accompanied by a String Quintet playing an intermittent arrangement of Pennies From Heaven.  The amazing Ben Patterson, who traveled to Slovakia to make marmalade out of violin cases in the original cut of “The Reach Of Resonance,” will be opening the exhibition (except for Yoko, he is the last Fluxus artist still going!).  Throughout the exhibition, Hans W. Koch will display his Leichte Muse, an apparatus for determining the relative weight of music(s). (It should be noted that the relative distances of music were determined by Dr. Johannes Rosenberg and his double piston, triple neck, wheeling violin of 1985.)  The exhibition will travel to the International Museum of Music in Bolgna, Italy later this month. This may be Jon Rose’s last exhibition of the Rosenbergs in Europe. More info:  http://www.alexanderochs-private.com

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