First Exhibition Of Art Inspired By “The Reach Of Resonance” Is A Success

June 23, 2011

On Sunday, June 19th the first exhibition of artwork inspired by “The Reach Of Resonance” was held at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles, just prior to a screening of the film at the Echo Park Film Center.  Over 20 pieces of original artwork were shown at this event, showcasing incredible diversity both in content and style.  Other exhibitions of artwork inspired by the film are in the planning stages, each to take place in different geographical locations, showcasing local artists, as the film tours internationally.  This will eventually lead to a grand exhibition of the accumulated works from all locations, as well as a book documenting the works.

The following photos of the first exhibition were provided by David G. Marks, with some information on each piece and the artists.  Not all of the artworks are documented in this posting, and we encourage you to visit the exhibition:

"Ostertag Considers" by Theresa Morgan

This piece was inspired by a moment in ‘The Reach of Resonance’ where Bob Ostertag is reflecting on the extraordinary experiences, triumphant and heartbreaking, that inform his musical compositions. It is a striking moment in the film as it shows great humanity and heart within the abstraction.

“Laser Guided Cockroach Melodies” by Reuben Mahler

A meditation on Miya Masaoka’s unorthodox relationship to Japanese culture through the source materials of her music (plants, insects, kimonos, koto) as well as other intricacies throughout Masaoka’s work, such as her repeated use of the number 13, the number of strings on a traditional Japanese koto (coincidence?).

“Symmetry of the Sacred and Strange” by Impossible Moon (Christine Nguyen and Michael Wysong)

A Meditation on the Music of John Luther Adams. This photo shows only a small fraction of a much larger 3-dimensional sculpture based on fractal geometry found throughout nature. The artists clearly intuited deeper levels of John Luther Adams work…they were unaware that Adams’ study of sonic geography included a composition based on these fractal mathematics, which by further coincidence is titled “Strange and Sacred Noise.”

"Birth Of Noise" by Kio Griffith

Dedicated to the discovery of the odd vibrating string.

“Phaloepnosis” by John de Heras

A study of the corresponding relationship between sound vibration harmonies and light vibrations (frequencies) of color. This image is a small fragment of the piece.

"Cycle of Music" by Norton Wisdom

Using large backlit sheets of clear plastic stretched across wooden posts on a stage as his canvas, Santa Monica lifeguard and shark-wrestler, Norton Wisdom, performs live improvised painting onstage with musicians, interpreting the music being improvised during the performance in real time.  Norton Wisdom’s paintings of Australia appear in “The Reach Of Resonance.”  RoR director Steve Elkins’ interview with Norton Wisdom can be read here:

"The Secret Life Of Plants" by Mary MacQueen

Hand painted onto vinyl record. A meditation on various interconnected aspects of the artists in “The Reach Of Resonance.”

(bottom) Untitled by Pamela Bjorklund, (top) Untitled by Becky Calinsky

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.”
-Albert Einstein

Untitled by Charlie Visnic

Visnic began by digitizing the entire film “The Reach Of Resonance” and then edited each of the four main characters into their own timeline. Then he re-mapped their running lengths to all match 2 minutes exactly. After he exported each of the characters to a separate file he then sent them through a process called slit-scan. The process involves sampling a single line of resolution from the center of the screen and then stacking the life of that line horizontally through every frame of the video, so that the result is what looks like a bar code representing the color schemes for each character in the doc. This photo only shows a small fragment of the whole.

Charlie Visnic is an incredible inventor / artist and close friend of RoR director Steve Elkins. Visnic recently devoted every day of an entire year to doing one new creative thing and documenting it. His year of creativity is one of the most staggering artistic accomplishment we’ve encountered recently, and can be explored in its entirety here:

"Love or War Part 2" by Jerry Lee Cibilic

Part of a series of artwork made by Cibilic from ocean materials such as salt water, sand, and squid ink.

"Small Pen Drawings" by Christopher Clother

"Small Pen Drawings" by Christopher Clother

"Small Pen Drawings" by Christopher Clother

An exploration of the role of the ‘spirit’ in life, nature, and the circle. This image is one piece of a much larger series.

"The Distance Between Sounds" by GhostGhostTeeth

"Down To The Wire" by Shea M Gauer

This piece was directly inspired by Jon Rose’s bowed fence performances.

Gauer is the co-owner/operator/curator of {open}, an independent bookstore, performance space, and gallery in Long Beach, CA.

Untitled by Matt Maust

Matt Maust is a local Los Angeles musician and artist who plays bass for Cold War Kids, and made this piece inspired by “The Reach Of Resonance.”

"79 Lewis Lane" by Tom Krumpak

Tom Krumpak is a professor of art at California State University in Long Beach, California.

(left) "Two Obstrcutions" by Christie Yuri Noh, (right) Fragment of the Musical Score For "Lament For Woods"

Regarding Christie Yuri Noh’s piece:  This work will be complete after it is mailed through the postal service to the recipient (the postage stamps are already spread across the upper right corner of the piece). An unknown variable will add new markings caused from shipping and handling…a personal interpretation of “The Reach Of Resonance.”

Untitled by Nadia Botello

A deconstructed Aurora Borealis (in watercolor) “submerged underwater” (underneath a layer of tracing paper). There’s a line drawing of a waveform in the middle of the piece (on another two layers of paper) that is the Royal Swedish Opera’s mezzo soprano, Anna Eklund-Tarantino, warming up her voice in a concrete room (housing a pipe organ in the middle of winter in Stockholm). This piece was particularly inspired by various aspects of “The Reach Of Resonance” related to the body and the idea of sonic geography, as illustrated by John Luther Adams’ music made from the Alaskan frontier.


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