Bob Ostertag: On Orgies and the Recording Industry

May 26, 2011

“The Reach Of Resonance” is concerned with all aspects of how music affects brains, bodies, and culture.  Distribution is one aspect of how we experience music, which is not explored in the film.  In this clip of unused production material from “The Reach Of Resonance,” Bob Ostertag shares some illuminating thoughts on intellectual property laws.

Ostertag serves on the board of directors for Their programs examine the educational and social effects of monopoly-based distribution in contrast with the potential of sharing-based audience distribution.

Their Sita Distribution Project is a public demonstration of how an artist can flourish — economically and artistically — by letting their works circulate for free. It’s not about self-distribution, it’s about audience-distribution: put the work out there, let people share it, give them the freedom to organize activities (both commercial and non-commercial) around it, and the artist will benefit, because audiences want to support artists.

The animation in this clip was made by Nina Paley.
The audio was recorded by John Rogers.
Special thanks to Larry Ochs.

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