ArtFIFA Montreal – Day 4

March 21, 2011

Things happened today.  Let’s remember them together on the internet.

I’m not sure how we keep doing this, but we watched another 2 films today that were not in English– yet they were still both engaging to the point that we didn’t mind (this film and this film, for the record).

We managed to get over to the Cinema ONF to catch most of the series of short films.  The stand-out ones for us were LOOP HOLES, TRAINS, PEOPLE THIS 2012 SHIT IS HYPE, and HOVERING PROXIES.

The final screening of the night was ISABELLA ROSSELLINI – MY WILD LIFE.  A scattered illumination of the icon’s fascinating life, it was highly enjoyable.  It covered a lot of ground in only 52 minutes– everything from her childhood to her modeling career to her marriages, children, and new paths.  She is delightful to watch and speaks eloquently on any topic, even taboo ones from which most people would shy away.

One of the most striking things we’ve noticed is how “at home” our film is with many of the others that we’ve seen so far.  Being in such well-constructed company that is tackling similar subjects makes us feel like we’ve touched a nerve that is only recently being explored.  The other night when we met the founder of ArtFIFA, he expressed his feeling that ours is a great film, which we appreciate immeasurably and makes us feel even more honored that they chose to exhibit what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I found some cafes around the Cinema ONF that allowed us to leave some flyers with our screening info for tomorrow.  Hopefully it gets some people to our screening tonight and starts some discussions.  We are looking forward to it.

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