ArtFIFA Montreal – Day 3

March 21, 2011

We got a late & sluggish start, but eventually made it to the screening of Antwerp Central Station.  It was a love letter to the Belgian train station, but something beyond that… it seemed an obsession of the filmmaker, who desired all knowledge of the building.  He posed questions meant for deeper thought, but seemed more like a sheer cliff of suggestion that he had floated away from, leaving one standing alone at the precipice.  We shared similar reactions to this film.  There was plenty to appreciate about the work– well shot visuals, fascinating history of the station as it tied in to Antwerp, depths of information about its construction.  We felt it had a curious sway between historical documentation and romantic philosophical musing.

There was a cocktail get-together for professionals, although we showed up a little late.  Most people had already left the hall (which looked like a wine dungeon), but we still had a chance to meet the General Director & Founder, René Rozon and Gunther, the festival’s Logistics Coordinator.

We also met a Russian journalist, a Ukranian documentary filmmaker, and a sharply-dressed Indian man named Kenneth who could impeccably impersonate any accent you suggested.  We got into some pretty deep conversation, finished all the wine and were kicked out.  We then continued to discuss matters of the world until the subway station, where the ticket taker found out we were from Los Angeles and excitedly recounted his tale of being at the Academy Awards and getting to hold one of the Oscars for 3.5 minutes.  He gave us subway maps and welcomed us to Montreal.

It’s a cold night and staying in the Plateau area of Montreal means we get to walk through a lot of the hot spots where weekend revelers wait in their best collared shirts and miniskirts.  In the meantime, I’ve settled into bed as late night club-goers shout past the windows of our magnificent loft while Steve tries to beat his high score on the Pac-Man pinball machine in the living room.

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