Thank you!

August 3, 2009

Our weekend show at Hibbleton Gallery went quite well.  We just wanted to thank everyone for showing up and supporting our project.  We sold one framed photo and had a number of donations and raffle ticket buys, all of which are making a huge difference in our ability to complete this project.

The raffle results are in:

$10 Gift Certificate to Frantone’s – S. Gregg
$20 Gift Card to Arclight Cinemas – L. Lewis
$25 Gift Card to Coffee Bean – T. Green
$30 Gift Card to Arclight Cinemas – H. Alvarez
1-Day Passes to Disneyland – C. Drescher
8 x 12 Photo Print – C. Marks

All winners will be receiving a call notifying them of their prize.  Thanks again for the support.  If you are interested in supporting our work, donations can be made through the website and all of Steve Elkins’ photography from the show is still available for purchase by contacting us via email.  All funds go toward the completion of our project.

Photos from Friday night can be seen in this facebook album.  A non-facebook album will be available soon.

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