Fundraiser Friday, July 31

July 29, 2009

PromoPeripheralThis Friday, July 31, David Marks and Steve Elkins are having a fundraiser in Fullerton for their documentary film about experimental musicians from around the world, which is near completion.

Friday night is the opening of the weekend-long exhibition. Photography by Steve Elkins will be on display and available for purchase to raise funds for the film. Segments of the film, directed by Steve and produced by David, will be screened and there will be plenty of wine & cheese to be enjoyed!

We have been trying to fund the project ourselves but have exhausted our funds and now we need your help to move forward.

There will be a raffle on Friday with prizes galore, but straight ahead donations will be accepted, too 🙂

There will also be an afterparty on Friday next door at Mulberry street.

Documentary Fundraiser
Friday, July 31st; 7-11pm
Hibbleton Gallery
112 West Wilshire Ave, Fullerton, CA
FREE Entry, $1/$5 raffle, Photography Various Prices

NOTE: This exhibit will be at Hibbleton until Sunday night, if you should like to visit another time during the weekend.  Photography will still be available for viewing and/or purchase.


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